Hawaiian Conch Shell - Pu - Vinyl Decal Sticker

Hawaiian Conch Shell - Pu - Vinyl Decal Sticker
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The Pu, Hawaiian Conch Shell, is a large seashell, usually a Triton or Cassis cornuta, that is played like a ceremonial fanfare trumpet. The Pu is capable of emitting a loud sound which can travel as far as two miles. The volume depends on the style of blowing rather than breath capacity.

The Pu used in many traditional Hawaiian ceremonies and festivles throughout the islands. In ancent time it was used not only to bring people together but to offer thanks and to receive blessings.

This Pu (Hawaiian Conch Shell) vinyl decal is die cut, available in 10 colors, and made from high quality 8 year vinyl. This decal is 5 x 4.75 inches. These stickers are great for cars, trucks, windows, body boards, surf boards, computers, boats, and any where else you can imagine.